I promise to treat you the way that no one else could. I will prove to you why your past relationships ended.


I promise to hold you in my arms and in my heart until my body collapses.


I promise to touch every part of your body; and for the places my fingers can’t reach, my words will.


In the middle of the night when your body is shaking from the sadness that’s pulsing through your veins, I promise to kiss your forehead and hold you tight in my arms until you can finally breathe again.


I promise to make the sting of life hurt a little less. I will try my hardest to protect you, always.


If the time comes where I have to let you go, I promise I will do it with grace and dignity. However, that does not mean my heart will shatter any less or the earthquake that hits my chest will be any less severe.


I promise that there won’t be a day where I don’t wake up and think of you.


I promise to love you everyday until my heart stops beating, and maybe even then.